Hetman NTFS Recovery

Hetman NTFS Recovery 2.8

Hetman NTFS Recovery restores files that goes missing after a storage accident

It doesn’t matter what has been lost: an entire disk, a partition, a folder, or a single file – Hetman NTFS Recovery is capable of dealing with all those scenarios in the most efficient and straightforward way. Besides (and despite the program name), this recovery tool has no difficulties in fixing your FAT drives as well retrieving all kinds of data you may have lost with them. To make things easier, the program comes with a wizard-based interface that can be set to greet you whenever the program is launched.

This recovery tool will retrieve all your valuable data regardless of its loss reason. It could be deleted voluntarily or not, the drive or partitions where the files were stored may have been attacked and thus damaged by a virus, or you may have formatted them inadvertently – either way, Hetman NTFS Recovery will find a way to restore those files, folders, partitions, or entire disks to their original state. It does matter when you lost your data as the program offers you two types of analysis for two different scenarios – recently deleted data requires a fast scan process to be identified and recovered quickly, while severely damaged file systems will ask you to run the program’s deep analysis in order to locate the necessary clusters. Data that has been rewritten since it was deleted is hardly recoverable, so the program need more time.

Once the type of analysis is set, you will be presented with a list of all recoverable data. The program can perform a content-aware analysis that will classify all the files found by type. All files susceptible of being recovered can be previewed in full using the program’s built-in file viewer, which will allow you to determine if that’s the file exactly you were searching for. Searches can be fully tailored to fit your preferences and needs, and experienced users can make use of the program’s HEX-Editor and the “Select beginning of file” option to help the program perform a more accurate recovery process.

Recovered files can be saved on a location of your choice (preferably on a different drive), burnt to a disc (CD or DVD), stored as an ISO virtual image, or sent via FTP to a different machine. Hetman NTFS Recovery is flexible enough to offer efficient solutions both to an average user (thanks to its extremely useful wizard) and a more experienced one. Regardless of what type of user you are and what method you use, the algorithms are always the same and they always produce the same reliable and accurate results.

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  • Supports also FAT file systems
  • Retrieves data from any internal or external storage device
  • Recovers disks, partitions, and all types of files
  • Comes with a wizard for easy recovery
  • Quick analysis for recently deleted files
  • Deep analysis for severly damaged partitions or files


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